Jul 13

Youtube, Merch, and David Alexander

Thanks to everyone who makes Soho possible for letting us play at the 2013 festival, numer nine since they started. It's for a good cause:

Mini O'Beirne Crisis Nursery


We have a number of youtube videos now all available on this page:


Plans are underway to produce not one, but two DVDs, a triple live CD collection, two T-Shirts and posters, and an upgrade on the light show! T-shirt designer Chris Umhoefer of Lincoln Apparal T-shirts has designed two logos, one with Lincoln playing a guitar, the other with a donut. We are also talking to Jon Griffin about a poster. This artwork will be featured on the cover artwork for upcoming media.  When all these things are developed and produced, we will start having a merch table at our shows!

The triple live CD, called the Triple Love CD, features tracks from three different recent shows and one recent rehearsal: Carlinville at Hollywood and Vine with saxophone player Carolyn Palmer, Donnie's Homespun at the Third Thursday Art Show with David Alexander on saxophone, Soho 9 in downtown Springfield with Zach Eymann on harmonica and David Alexander on saxophone, and at the Casa practice space with David Alexander on saxophone and keyboard. David has recently started playing with the group at selected shows and has been our Billy Preston if you will. We cannot say enough how well he is doing and how much he brings to the Non-stop party. You HAVE to come hear this guy at an upcoming show.

May 13

SoHo 9!


[Show Page] [FaceBook Event]

As you can see from this wonderful flyer, we are playing Saturday, June 8th at 9pm at Soho this year. We have worked hard to get where we are having been considered enough of a good time to be given a late slot at this local independent festival. We are also very happy to be able to tell you that the festival is continuing this year unhindered and at a new downtown location right next to Recycled Records on Adams between 6th and 7th streets!

Last year, if you recall, prior to the announcement of the Year of the Donut 2012, we came in second in a FaceBook vote to play one of the opening slots; The Yippies came in first and picked Friday so we got Saturday and this put us on the map with the organizers who had barely heard of us. Instead of complaining that we were only playing to a few people, we did the best we could and impressed the organizers enough then and throughout the following Year of the Donut to be asked to play again this year. We are going to make them glad they decided include us this year on the main stage.

The DVD plus a triple live CD and a new demo, AND a new poster and T-shirt are al in the works as this is being written so stay tuned and support SoHo and the charity it benefits, the Mini O'Bierne Cr4isis Nursery.

Apr 13

"In the Bag" DVD

Produced at A4PG, shot at Tin Can Pub with new guitarist, Andy Hoff. This was the first show where we were able to use the video prepared for our live shows and that video was also used in the post production with video shot at the performance which captured the light show and takes it to a whole other level on our DVD which we will be giving away at the shows (they have a donut on them). We started what will hopefully become a tradition at the shows and gave away actual donuts anytime we took longer than three minutes between songs! We had more dancers than ever before at this show and it was truly a blast. TheDVD is better quality but this version on YouTube isn't bad and loads pretty fast.

Thanks to Access 4 Producers Group for recording this show so we could share it with you. (This is the retouched version on YouTube.)

Feb 13

Ch ch ch ch changes!

Here we are stripped down to the three-piece plus one with Zach on harmonica. We were playing the Dog Of Panic CD release party at Catch 22 on February 9th, 2013. We are seeing the change from long-time guitarist, Shane Quigley, to Andy Hoff, who is currently learning the material and expects to be jamming with us soon. We are also working with Mason Summers on trumpet and backing vocals and look forward to gigging in the future with both guys.

Thanks to Southern Fryed Radio for recording this show so we could share it with you. (This is the retouched version on YouTube.)